Water Conservation in Central California

Water is the foundation of Central California's economy and quality of life: farming, industry, urban users and natural ecosystems all depend upon water. With a supply and demand challenge, water is the central resource management challenge in Central California. Get ready to wither the seasons by getting water wise. Do your part to conserve our precious resource by planting climate appropriate plants, setting up efficient irrigation systems, and adjusting your habits to become water smarter. Below you find incentives, help and tips to start today.

Climate Appropriate Landscaping

With reduced water supply, climate appropriate landscaping offers a visually appealing and water-smart alternative to water guzzling turf. Efficient irrigation and climate appropriate plants are key to reduce water demand and ensure a year-round colorful landscape. 

Presentations from Resilient Landscaping Workshop:

 Water Conservation Resources

Find information on water conservation, climate appropriate plants, efficient irrigation, local efforts, and water related resources for professionals.

Save Our Water: Drought facts, comprehensive information on how to save water for homeowners and businesses, news updates.

Water Use it Wisely: Resources for homeowners, teachers, kids on water conservation

H2OUSE – Water Saver Home: Interactive graphic on how to save water in different areas of your home

Central Valley Friendly Landscaping: Climate Appropriate Landscaping Overview and Central Valley Landscaping Awards

Clovis Botanical Garden: Detailed information about climate appropriate plants and inspiration for climate appropriate landscaping.

Landscape Plants for California's Gardens: Illustrated reference of plants for CA landscaping

Irrigation Association: Education and Certification on Irrigation Techniques

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Best Management Practices for Water Efficient Irrigation

California Drought: Up to date information on the state's responses to the current drought.

Central Valley Water Awareness Committee: General information on how to conserve water.

California Urban Water Conservation Council: Innovative technologies and practices, effective public policies, training, and public education.

Water Education Foundation: Comprehensive information and education on water in California.

USGS The California Drought: Details on California's Drought from the California Water Science Center.


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