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Roundtable Discussion: ADUs and their Potential to provide Affordable and Sustainable Housing Solutions

  • 04/11/2024
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • University Business Center 5245 N. Backer Ave Fresno, CA 93740


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About the Roundtable Speakers:

Annalisa Perea:
Annalisa Perea brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the roundtable, representing Fresno City Council's District One and serving as Council Vice President. With a background in urban planning and extensive work in the private sector focusing on environmental and community development issues, Annalisa has been a tireless advocate for expanding affordable housing options in the Central Valley. She demonstrated her commitment to sustainability by serving on the USGBC Central California board from 2016-2017. Her commitment to safer neighborhoods, government transparency, and equitable treatment for all residents makes her a vital voice in discussions about the potential of ADUs for affordable and sustainable housing. Drawing on her deep understanding of the region's needs, Annalisa's insights promise to enrich the conversation and drive actionable solutions forward.

Isaac Garza:
Isaac Garza's expertise in engineering and project management brings invaluable perspective to the dialogue on ADUs and sustainable housing solutions. With over two decades of experience, including roles with the City of Fresno and De Alba Architecture, Isaac has a comprehensive understanding of building codes, energy compliance, and construction processes. His proficiency in plan reviews and project coordination ensures a practical lens through which to explore the feasibility and implementation of ADUs as a means to address housing needs. Isaac's dedication to customer service and his track record of successful project management make him an essential contributor to the roundtable, offering practical insights and actionable strategies for fostering affordable and sustainable housing developments.

Miguel Arambula:
Miguel Arambula is a manager in the Real Estate Development department at Self-Help Enterprises, where he has secured and closed on more than $100 million in construction and permanent financing for projects across the central valley. He has supervised all kinds of construction, from 138 units all electric multifamily apartment complex, to infill single family homes, to sidewalk and transportation improvements for a Transformative Climate Communities project. Additionally, Miguel sits on a number of community development boards including: Southwest Fresno Development Corporation, Central Fresno Neighborhood Trust, Dakota EcoGarden, and South Tower Community Land Trust (STCLT). While serving on the STCLT board, Miguel played a pivotal role in designing the ADU grant program funded in 2023 by the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco through their AHEAD program. As an ADU enthusiast and former ADU resident himself, Miguel is hopeful about the impact ADUs can have on affordability, density, and homeowner income and equity. His extensive experience in real estate development, coupled with his passion for community-driven initiatives, positions Miguel as a leading voice in discussions surrounding the potential of ADUs to address housing challenges in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond.

Melissa Valdez:
Melissa Valdez has been with Self-Help Enterprises for over two decades, contributing to partnership-building efforts across the San Joaquin Valley. In her role as Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships, she oversees grant administration and implementation, housing rehabilitation programs, ADU development, acquisition rehab projects, and manufactured housing repair and replacement programs. Melissa's extensive experience and expertise in community development initiatives have been instrumental in advancing Self-Help Enterprises' mission of building healthy homes and sustainable communities. Her leadership within the organization reflects a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals and fostering inclusive, thriving neighborhoods. Melissa's dedication to equitable housing opportunities and her strategic approach to partnership-building make her a vital asset in discussions surrounding the potential of ADUs to provide affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

Kiel Lopez Schmidt:
Kiel Lopez Schmidt represents the South Tower Community Land Trust, an organization dedicated to fostering community control of land and resources in Fresno's South Tower neighborhood. With a vision centered on shared prosperity and health, the South Tower Community Land Trust embodies the principles of community-driven development and equitable access to housing. Kiel's involvement underscores the importance of grassroots organizations in shaping sustainable housing solutions that prioritize community needs and aspirations. His insights into the challenges facing underserved neighborhoods and his organization's innovative approaches to community empowerment offer valuable perspectives for advancing discussions on the potential of ADUs for affordable and sustainable housing.

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